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Lloyd's Op-Eds

The Weekender - February 23

Ethics reform: Cuomo-style

Much skepticism has been expressed about the newly convened Joint Commission on Public Ethics, New York’s most recent attempt to establish a serious and independent agency to investigate and prosecute unethical conduct in state government. The skeptics were substantially validated last month by the appointment of longtime Andrew Cuomo retainer Ellen Biben and the manner of her selection. Read More 

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The Weekender - February 9

The State of the Union from 50,000 millimeters

The last The Weekender column critiqued Gov. Cuomo’s State of the State address and criticized its centerpiece proposal for building the nation’s largest convention center on the site of the Aqueduct Racetrack in Ozone Park, Queens. Equal time should be accorded Pres. Obama’s State of the Union address. It was delivered Jan. 24 to Congress, leaders in the executive and judicial branches and as is becoming an annoying custom to a gaggle of guests singled out for praise and photo op while the president delivered the speech. Read More 

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Times Union - February 4

"A loser at Aqueduct"

Cuomo looks to wrong place for a convention center

In every governor's State of the State address, there must be one idea, one project, that stands above all. The one that the public and press will remember when comparing the governor and his "vision thing" with what actually was accomplished.

Let the Chronicles of Planet New York forever reflect that on Jan. 4, 2012, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared that the state's most vital need was to build the nation's largest convention center in Ozone Park, Queens, on the site of Aqueduct Racetrack. Read More 

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