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Lloyd's Op-Eds

Times Union - April 30

"Watch out for Kennedy"

A crucial vote in the Obamacare case betrays an unsettling view of liberty

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing earlier this month for a sharply divided 5-4 majority, explained why strip-searching people arrested for allegedly committing minor, nonviolent infractions, does not violate their Fourth Amendment right to be free of unreasonable searches. Alleged infractions, that is, which include a noisy muffler, an inoperable headlight and an unleashed dog. Read More 

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The Weekender - April 5

The Weekender bids so long for awhile

This thirty-third in The Weekender series is not the last, but will mark a hiatus in its appearance in the Courier.

During the last 15 months, The Weekender has tried to convey some things about the sensibility of an increasingly large and important segment of the greater Chatham citizenry. We are people who live here only part of the time, but want to do more than merely escape from the city, recreate and buy lots of stuff. We want to fully participate in and contribute to a place that has become for most a second and for some their primary home. Read More 

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