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Lloyd's Op-Eds

Times Union - May 25

"Talk about a nonstory; Obama isn't Nixonian"

The president needs to do a better job refuting such scandalous comparisons

The momentary elation of commenting on the story du jour, that President Barack Obama was starting to be perceived like former President Richard Nixon, is quickly overwhelmed by the depressing realization that the premise is baseless but nevertheless has legs.

This is an opportunity for the increasingly lazy press to waste a month spinning the analogy rather than reporting important news. Moreover, the disloyal opposition in Congress would seize this latest excuse to obstruct the progress of our nation rather than participate in its governance. Read More 

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Times Union - May 13

"Another Obama warms up"

The Vogue cover for last month was a photograph of our imposing first lady, flanked by a story teaser "Michelle Obama: How the First Lady and the President Are Inspiring America." We inhabit the United States in the era of co-presidencies — ushered in by Bill and Hillary, then George W. and Dick (some would reverse that order) and now Barack and Michelle, who was proclaimed by a 2009 Vogue cover "The First Lady the World's Been Waiting For." Read More 

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