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Lloyd's Op-Eds

Times Union - October 7

"All the wrong lessons"

What have we learned that's constructive about gun violence?

It's been four months since the shooting death of Gary Cota, a 13-year-old living in Fort Edward, was front-page news in the Times Union. The June 7 article carried the ironic headline, "From death, lesson for life."

If only there were any such lesson. None has been reported or even hinted at. Read More 

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Times Union - September 21

"Quality to the core"

There's a reason why Apple continues its success

On Aug. 20, Apple was reported the "most valuable" company ever, as measured by its market capitalization of roughly $619 billion, calculated by multiplying the number of Apple shares by the price they were trading at. Four days later, a California jury found for Apple in its patent case against Samsung, where the Silicon Valley firm has claimed that the Korean copycat conglomerate infringed numerous Apple patents in the design of Samsung's smartphones and tablets. Read More 

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Times Union - August 12

"More of the same from Cuomo"

Governor's secrecy reflects his tenure as attorney general

The public is learning more about Gov. Andrew Cuomo's iron-fisted control of information concerning his performance in public office. This unfolding awareness began with investigative work by this newspaper. Later, other news organizations, notably The New York Times, awakened and their editorial boards became alarmed about the practice of governing without a trace in the present and seeking to redact and erase the past in an Orwellian fashion. Read More 

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Times Union - July 7

"Roberts seizes the moment"

Chief Justice earns the title with his decision on Obamacare

With most titles of great power and authority, such as President, Queen, or in this case, Chief Justice, two things have to happen before the position is fully owned and deserved. The person must be elected, appointed or as is often the case with royalty, just be born. Then comes earning the position and the moral authority that goes with it. Read More 

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Times Union - June 6

"'Stand your ground' needs to go"

The parents of Trayvon Martin, the teenager shot dead in Sanford, Fla., the night of Feb. 26 by George Zimmerman, a gated community "watch volunteer," were dignified and clear about what they demanded from Florida's system of criminal justice. All they asked for was an arrest and that justice be done. Read More 

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Times Union - May 19

"A new Cuomo, an old stunt"

Governor's deal with the GOP is right out of the family playbook

I've seen this movie before ... there's like a whole little deja vu going on for me," Gov. Andrew Cuomo quipped last month when asked by reporters whether he would run for president in 2016 — invoking the memory of constant speculation about Mario Cuomo's presidential ambitions during his three terms as governor. Read More 

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Times Union - April 30

"Watch out for Kennedy"

A crucial vote in the Obamacare case betrays an unsettling view of liberty

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing earlier this month for a sharply divided 5-4 majority, explained why strip-searching people arrested for allegedly committing minor, nonviolent infractions, does not violate their Fourth Amendment right to be free of unreasonable searches. Alleged infractions, that is, which include a noisy muffler, an inoperable headlight and an unleashed dog. Read More 

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The Weekender - April 5

The Weekender bids so long for awhile

This thirty-third in The Weekender series is not the last, but will mark a hiatus in its appearance in the Courier.

During the last 15 months, The Weekender has tried to convey some things about the sensibility of an increasingly large and important segment of the greater Chatham citizenry. We are people who live here only part of the time, but want to do more than merely escape from the city, recreate and buy lots of stuff. We want to fully participate in and contribute to a place that has become for most a second and for some their primary home. Read More 

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Times Union - March 31

"America is better than that"

Why can't iPads and similar gadgets be made here, not in China?

For a moment last month, many momentous troubles and triumphs seemed to recede and our focus shifted to Apple CEO Tim Cook as he took to a San Francisco stage to introduce the newest iPad tablet computer. These periodic unveilings are highly choreographed performances, perfected by Cook's predecessor, the late Steve Jobs. Read More 

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The Weekender - March 22

A modest proposal

The Weekender has been a bit ornery of late, heaping criticisms on elected officials past, present and also on the campaigning wannabes. It’s time for me to ratchet down the cynicism and start to “give back” by making a constructive proposal which would improve our society. Although this proposal may at first seem radical, when readers calmly and carefully consider it, they will conclude that it is beneficial, practical and in the truest sense modest. Read More 

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